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Our Family


All the fun activities that you do with your child at home are important in supporting their learning and development, these activities have a really long lasting effect on your child’s learning as they progress through school.

Talking to your child is extremely important. Make time every day to read and communicate with your child.

Progress checks and profiles

At some point after your child turns 2 your child’s key worker will share with you a written summary of how your child is progressing against the 3 prime areas of learning.

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional

This check will highlight areas where your child is progressing well and where they might need some extra help and support. Also advice on how mums, dads and other family members or carers can with their child’s key person. You might find it helpful to share the check with other professionals such as a health visitor who may use it as part of the health and development review.

If you let us know when your child’s health review is, we will make sure that the progress check is ready.

Who our staff are

Gill Franklin (Level 4 Manager) and Zoe Nicholson (Level 3 Manager) are the Managers. We are here for you and your child at any time We are responsible for Safeguarding in the nursery.


Baby Room

Charlotte Groarke (Level 3) has all the patience in the world for your little babies, she is very calm and has a fantastic understanding of what your baby needs.

Chloe Hobson (Level 3) is our baby whisperer - she has lots of cuddles ready for the little babies. Chloe is level 3 and has worked in childcare for 18 years, she has spent most of this time working with the babies.


Toddler Room

Becki (Communication Champion) ensures that your child has the best communication skills possible.

Chelsea F (Level 3) is very passionate about our toddlers, and can calm the most upset little person. Chelsea is a very calm person who gives all her attention to the children.

Rachel T (Level 2) is level 2 and will soon be working towards level 3. Rachel is our newest team member and will be working in the toddler room alongside Rebecca and Chelsea.



Michelle Gilston (Level 5 & SENCO) is our Deputy Manager, she is also the nursery Special Education Co-ordinator. She is passionate about getting your little one all the help she possibly can.

Alison Shaughnessy (Level 3) has been at Ladybirds for 5 years, she is passionate about giving your child the best start in life she possible can.

Lisa Morris (Level 3) loves to get down and play with your child, she spends her time in the playdough or getting messy with the paint

Kianna Fallows (Level 2) has just completed her level 2 qualification. She will soon be starting her level 3, and is working in the pre-school room with Michelle, Alison and Lisa.



Chelsea M is our apprentice, she is working her way towards her Level 2. She is gaining vital knowledge in all the areas of development and across all the age ranges.



Jessica Burtonwood (Kitchen Chef) makes all our food fresh daily, we would love to hear what your cultural family meals are.